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Meditation practice for beginners

How to incorporate meditation into your daily routine for maximum benefits

Meditation can be a powerful tool for reducing stress, improving focus, and promoting overall well-being. Here are some meditation tips on how to incorporate meditation into your daily routine for maximum benefits Whenever we start something new it seems difficult, and mediation is the art of being silent with oneself not something we have been taught till now. We have known a life of doing, thinking all the time. never a few moments when there is no thought or action. Hence small tips that will help in the process of meditation practice for beginners, Start small: If you're new to meditation, it's important to start with just a few minutes a day and gradually increase the time as you become more comfortable. Choose a consistent time: Try...


10 fun and engaging meditation practices for families to bond together

Meditation is an excellent way to bond with your family while also promoting mindfulness and stress relief. With a little creativity, you can make meditation fun and engaging for everyone. Here are 10 fun and engaging meditation practices for beginners and for families to bond together. Also, keep ready to find the best online meditation course in India for Beginners. 1. Gratitude meditation: Begin by asking each family member to share something they are grateful for. Then, close your eyes and visualize that thing, focusing on the feeling of gratitude it brings. 2. Body scan meditation: Lie down and take turns guiding each other through a body scan meditation. This involves focusing on each part of the body and relaxing it. Fun fact: it is one of the easiest...


How Meditation Can Help with Grieving

Grief is a universal human experience. The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a broken relationship, or any significant life change can cause immense emotional pain. Coping with grief is not easy, but it is a necessary part of the healing process. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help people in their grieving process. Today, we will discuss how meditation can help with grieving and a few meditation tips to start if you are a beginner. If you are a beginner, Meditation practice for beginners can help you to reconnect with your body and mind. It teaches people how to be present in the moment, to observe their thoughts and emotions without judgment, and to let go of the past and...


Change your perception of Stress through Meditation

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and it affects us all at some point. It could be due to work pressure, financial problems, relationship issues, or health concerns. While it is impossible to eliminate stress altogether, we can change our perception of it through meditation. Meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries and has been shown to reduce stress levels significantly. By training our minds to focus on the present moment, we can learn to let go of worries and anxieties that contribute to stress. Here are some ways in which meditation practice for beginners can help change your perception of stress. Read till end to find the best meditation Course in Delhi1. Meditation helps you become aware of your thoughts: Often, we are...

Best online meditation center

Advice from Enlightened Circle: New Year Resolution

One thing we all can agree on is that we love to make resolutions. It helps give us another chance for change.Everyone is entering into the new Year 2023 with renewed hopes. People all around the world are wishing for this year to be special and unique. But, only if we can find a few moments to contemplate and question that “why would this year be any different from the rest of the years?” “Could a few resolutions really change our life the way we want it to be?” “How many of our resolutions were completed by us in the previous years?”A rational human being won’t take long to find that there is something very wrong with this tradition of resolutions on New Year’s eve....

Mental health

10 Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

Mental health refers to our overall psychological and emotional wellbeing. It is directly related to how we feel, think, perceive, and behave when we are with people as well as when we are alone. According to a report published recently, 50% people will experience the mental health illness or disorder at some point in time. Moreover, if left untreated or unattended, mental illness can seriously affect our social interactions, relationships, development, and other important aspects of our life. Therefore, it is quite necessary to talk about this issue and spread awareness among people of all ages.Today, let’s discuss 10 things that you can do for your mental health.1. MeditationMeditation is the ultimate solution for problems related to mental health. It is proven by hundreds of...

A creative path of wellness

Meditation: A creative path of wellness!

Everyone in the world is going gaga over the health benefits of meditations. It is now proven that a regular practice of meditation can benefit our brain, heart, and gut health. But the benefits of meditation are not limited to physical health only. Only a very few people know and even less have experienced the true benefits of this magical practice. It is the ultimate solution for emotional wellbeing. Not only that, a regular meditation practice can open the door to spiritual wellbeing also.Let’s understand how meditation can help us achieve the emotional and spiritual well being that is necessary for a contended and blissful life. Also, to find out the best meditation center in Delhi, please make sure to read it till the end. Reduces...

Spiritual meditation

What is Spiritual Meditation: Experience the Power of Human Spirit Now

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, we now have proof that meditation can benefit us in various ways. We can now prove that it is great for our nervous system. A regular practice of meditation is proven to strengthen the areas of the brain responsible for concentration, awareness, decision making, memory and cognitive abilities. It can also reduce stress ultimately helping people suffering with anxiety and depression. Meditating at least for 10-15 minutes is also proven to be beneficial for the heart and digestive system. However there are some benefits of meditation which can’t be proved by science and technology. For instance, spiritual growth and spiritual awakening. But just because we can’t prove it does not mean it does not exist. Infact, meditation's ultimate...

Meditation center in delh

Meditation Center:- For Perfect Healing and Relaxation

Are you a beginner looking for a good meditation center in Delhi? Well you will find many on the internet. But it can be really challenging to decide which one would be the best for you? Not only a meditation center but many people also get confused with which meditation type would be the best for them?Today, let’s try to find answers to each of these questions and more so that you can choose the right center, right teacher, and right meditation according to your needs. We will also talk about the best meditation center in Delhi and meditation practice for beginners in the end. Meditation Types So one of the most asked questions we have come across is regarding meditation types.People who are just beginning their...

Best meditation centre in delhi

How a Meditation Workshop Helps in Revitalizing a Person?

Do you often feel tired even after a night’s sleep? Or you feel like you have no energy left despite the fact that you did nothing but rest all day. Well, a few minutes of meditation can revitalize you. There are a few online meditation courses in India that can help you learn the art of meditation from the comfort of your home. Let’s understand how meditation helps in revitalizing and how a good meditation center helps you achieve that. Though there are many benefits of meditation including psychological and physiological, the most important one is the ability to live in the present moment. It is the ability to rest here and now. Even after a few days of regular meditation practice, you will notice a huge...