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    Donate INR 1500 to Khalsa Aid/ Hemkunt Foundation/ PaytmCovid Funds or any other organization of your choice that is relentless in its effort to fight Covid. Then head straight to the “Join the movement section” and get yourself registered by submitting the screenshot of the donation received. We hope to help the ones in need- thus healing the world spiritually as well as monetarily.

    24th May - 30th June, 2021

    Time: 9:30 PM -10:00 PM

    Attend ALL sessions or One & be a part of this sacred initiative.

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    Heal The World” is focused on bringing positive energy within and around you, wiping off all the negativity. Our LIVE MEDITATION techniques are transformative and will help you connect with your deepest self. Through this connection, we will together raise strength and courage, and eliminate fear and insecurities.

    You will become a medium to absorb pain, grief, misery, suffering, agony, sadness and transform them into compassion, support, love, care, concern, and peace. You will then become a channel to transmit this healing energy all over the world.


    Let’s stand together as one with the world in this Pandemic & be the carrier of peace & strength. Start the chain for humanity to recover from this catastrophe.
    Through healing meditation, awaken your positive vibrations & let it spread to everyone in need.
    Let the healing and rejuvenation begin on the individual as well as collective level.

      What you will Gain?

      Practice the art of Self-Healing

      Meditate for the greater good of all

      Overcome Pain and Misery

      Recharge and Rejuvenate your inner peace

      Learn to Pray and Surrender


      Enlightened is spiritually aware; to be enlightened is to have a well-informed outlook, and the circle is a universal symbol of wholeness – the self. Enlightened circle is a group of like-minded people living their lives harmoniously, light-heartedly, wakefully and at the same time maintaining a work-life balance. We are together walking on the path to add meaning to our lives. We offer a wholesome regime to people of all ages which invigorate lives with happiness, well-being, beautiful relationships, and fulfilment.

      We know the secret ingredient which makes life more fulfilling. We offer age old methods made relevant for the modern man and our insights will step-by-step add quality to your everyday life. Enlightened Circle is not a course or a few programs – it’s a World in itself. It is a journey with a family – who walks together with love, joy, meditation and wisdom towards the ultimate, highest purpose of human life.

      We hope that everything gets better soon, and we
      rise with our full potential with positive energy & strength.

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