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About Enlightened Circle – Meditation Center in Delhi

We are a meditation centre in Delhi offering spiritual growth and mental wellbeing workshops both online as well as on-location.
We offer 2 programs – the Foundation Program which equips you with the wisdom to lead a balanced and peaceful life, and the Dhyan Yog program which imparts the right spiritual understanding for continuous spiritual growth. Our practices are designed for the modern lifestyle carrying within them the age old spiritual wisdom and the very essence of all spiritual practices. The programs are filled with meditation practice for beginners as well as advanced level.

The purpose of the Enlightened Circle is to foster spiritual transformation in every human being by guiding them on a spiritual awareness journey towards conscious living. As the name suggests, enlightened means spiritually aware; to be enlightened is to have a well-informed outlook, and the circle is a universal symbol of wholeness – the oneness with existence. Of all the species on earth, human beings are the ones striving to evolve and transform. From a food hunter to a forest dweller, living in isolation to collaborating, we are on a continuous quest to understand what and how of life. At the same time, pursuing happiness in a context that leads us to fulfilment.

Do check out our events for the upcoming meditation program in Delhi We offer both online and offline programs. Our offline meditation programs in Delhi. We are in the process of coming up with more and more offline mediation programs in Delhi. Meet the community of like minded friends by attending our meditation programs in Delhi. We have also started offline meditation programs for corporates in Delhi, NCR. Recent one just completed in Jan‘23.Once you complete the foundation program you have the opportunity to join the offline meditation programs in Delhi conducted by our Spiritual mentors

We are Materialist Spiritualist

We understand human psychology to its core, with its desire to lead a fulfilled life by reaching its highest potential. Every human being wants to lead a life of utmost comfort and unending happiness. We help you actualize your potential with the right understanding and the most simple meditation practice for beginners as well as deeper spiritual growth for those who desire.


We practice meditation techniques designed for the modern lifestyle carrying within it the essence of ancient spiritual methods.


We are a set of like minded friends together walking on the path of self realization.


We help you imbibe the right understanding to lead a life of spiritual, psychological and physical wellbeing.

Embracing Life
Embracing Life

We impart the art to live in a state of unconditional celebration.

Online Meditation and Wellness Courses

Foundation Program

Master The Art Of A Contented Life which No Society, School Or University Ever Taught Us.

Dhyan Yog

Unveil the secrets to lead aperpetually blissful life

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We are your guide and companion in mastering the art of living in an extraordinaire, blissful, and fulfilling way.

Foundation Program

Foundation Program is a life-enhancing Online course, which takes you on a transformative journey through self-discovery, relaxation and healing. Each session is designed to empower you with the right wisdom to deal effectively with everyday life situations. You also practise contemporary meditation techniques which are easy to follow even for a beginner.


Meditation is a higher state of consciousness between the waking and sleeping states where the mind is clear and relaxed, but fully observant. It is not focused on the peripheral world or stories taking place around or within you.

A state where body and mind just know that they “are,” and this experience uncovers the peace, and bliss within you. At our meditation centre in Delhi, learn how to anchor yourself

in the present moment in a state of NO judgement. Foundational courses specially designed for meditation practice for beginners and advanced courses created for seasoned practitioners can nurture the sapling of consciousness to attain to the highest human potential.

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Zen tarot reading By Mystical Mukti

Tarot is a key to our inner wisdom. A tarot meditation begins with relaxation of the mind and the body before reflecting on the trials that we experience daily and exploring the messages from the Tarot.

It is a storybook of our life, providing answers to life questions, a trigger to intuition and creativity, an aid to meditation, and a spiritual path to living an inspired life. Experience a journey of self-discovery unique to each individual, while the core truths to be discovered are the same.

Readings are about the Individual and Collective Consciousness.

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What We Offer

From your mental well-being and happiness to your relationships and success (and everything else in between), we guide you to evolve in and embrace life through our best online meditation courses in India.

Understand life with sprituality
Life Understanding

Life Understanding-Understand life in its totality, the worldly life as well as the spiritual life we are born to lead.

Spiritual guidance
Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance-Experience exponential inner growth with the right fundamentals and practice.

Emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence-Maintaining the equilibrium within through various ups and downs of life.

Mental Wellbeing
Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing-To lead a calm, composed and balanced life amidst the chaotic pace of today's life.

Family beyond Family
Family beyond Family

Family beyond Family-Accelerate your growth by practicing with a community of like minded friends.

Intuitive tarot personal guidance
Intuitive Tarot Personal guidance

Intuitive Tarot Personal guidance-Utilize the power of Tarot to direct your life towards unprecedented growth.

Secrets to Happiness
Secrets to Happiness

Secrets to Happiness-Attain to a state of permanent happiness with the contemporary meditation technique and the right fundamental understanding.



I am short of words to pen down my ecstatic and blissful experience as being part of Enlightened circle's online workshops and sessions. The Eternal peace in which one dives into after practicing the guided meditation techniques is beyond this world experience. If you are looking for adding blissfulness, gratification,light-heartedness and contentedness into your life,you must grab the opportunity to be a part of Enlightened circle. Their volunteers will give you a home like ease to ma

Vaishali Anand


I feel very grateful to be a part of the Enlightened Circle family. My life has completely transformed after attending the offline and online sessions here, it has truly been a blessing to me. I have learned new depths of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom that help me in my day-to-day life.. Thank you so much for your love, support, and mentorship.

Simrita Bedi

Director - Value Creatives

Just one word ....Awesome.... It's really life changing experience... It has changed our life for good and shown us right path to pursue our life purpose... Now it's like another family ..

Sameesh Nayyar

IT Professional

"I have found my home here. I have found true togetherness with this family and the also joy of being alone. Enlightened circle has added wisdom, creativity, meditation so naturally into my being that I feel the strength to embrace whatever life brings my way and the sensitivity to enjoy the little things in life."

Deepali Agnihotri

Dental Surgery | Public Health

"Meditation has been an integral part of my daily work life for over two years. It's hard to express just how significantly it has impacted my life, now I am able to focus, ride through stressful periods with ease, have far greater control and awareness of my emotions and have deeper relationships with those around me and EC family."

Nakul Yadav

Operation Head (Aura Interiorz)

“There are a lot of things you still have to explore and understand about self and being. I have gained an enriching experience about life and live joyfully.”



"An amazing journey with Enlightened Circle. It is a place I Call home as I find myself everyday here cannot be expressed in words how beautiful it is to discover your true self."

Anita Gopinath

Business Consultant New Times Group

“Simple methods each of us can employ to learn and experience meditation and connect with our inner self and do so in a happy light hearted manner in this blissful environment”.

Mr. Goonmeet Chauhan

Accomplished architect by profession.