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Meditate With Enlightened Circle – Best Meditation Centre in Delhi

Enlightened Circle offers online and on-location meditation courses for an individual’s mental and spiritual well being. Our courses consist of a fundamental understanding of the world we live in (Foundation Program) and the spiritual world we need to uncover(Dhyan Yog Program) to attain our highest potential. Our online programs are one of the best online meditation courses in India as they focus on experiencing the calm, composed, thoughtless state of utmost awareness through the most effective meditation practice.

Why is Enlightened Circle the best meditation centre in Delhi?

We offer Best Online Meditation Courses in India –

1.Foundation Program – helps you understand your own personality, how your MIND functions, how your heart feels. and the world around you. This helps you to rise above anger, frustration, stress, loneliness, addiction, procrastination, expectations, jealousy and many more negative states. You imbibe wisdom to lead a balanced, happy and meditative life.

2. Dhyan Yog Program – explains the fundamentals of meditation and spirituality along with experiencing a deep meditative practice.


On-location Meditation Course in Delhi – Enlightened Circle members meet regularly to practice guided meditation in a group setting making it the bestbest meditation centre in Delhi.

Best Meditation Courses in India

Why are these the best online meditation courses in India?

We Impart Right Fundamental Understanding-

We respect and accept all spiritual paths, so our meditation practice carries within it the science of yoga, chanting, healing, therapy, ZEN, Keertan, Sufisim, Pranayam, and the understanding of the modern spiritual world. Each session in our programs/courses consists of a wisdom session which impart the right fundamental understanding of the process.

2. We Prepare your Body to Meditate-

We believe that in this modern lifestyle one needs constant cleansing of mind and body through different practices. Therefore our meditation techniques are scientifically designed to first cleanse the body and mind to prepare oneself to experience a meditative state.

3. We Guide you through each step-

We guide the participants through each step of the technique with proper explanation, then with the help of music and instructions we take you deeper into your beings.

Youtube Video Heading

Wherever you may be – at work, home, or travelling, these meditation videos are an easy way to both take a break and find calmness amidst the chaos – an opportunity to relax the body and the mind at the same time.

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