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Meditate With Enlightened Circle – Best Meditation Centre in Delhi

Enlightened Circle offers online and on-location meditation courses for an individual’s mental and spiritual well being. Our classes consist of a fundamental understanding of the world we live in (Foundation Program) and the spiritual world we need to uncover (Dhyan Yog Program) to attain our highest potential. Our online programs are one of the best online meditation courses in India as they focus on experiencing the calm, composed, thoughtless state of utmost awareness through the most effective meditation practice.

Best meditation centre in delhi

Why is Enlightened Circle the

best meditation centre in Delhi?

We offer Best Online Meditation Courses in India –

Spiritual awakening program

Foundation Program – helps you understand your own personality, how your MIND functions, how your heart feels. and the world around you. This helps you to rise above anger, frustration, stress, loneliness, addiction, procrastination, expectations, jealousy and many more negative states. You imbibe wisdom to lead a balanced, happy and meditative life.

Healing technique for mental health

Dhyan Yog Program – explains the fundamentals of meditation and spirituality along with experiencing a deep meditative practice.

On-location Meditation Course in Delhi – Enlightened Circle members meet regularly to practice guided meditation in a group setting making it the bestbest meditation centre in Delhi.

Why are these the best

online meditation courses in India?

We Impart Right Fundamental Understanding

We respect and accept all spiritual paths, so our meditation practice carries within it the science of yoga, chanting, healing, therapy, ZEN, Keertan, Sufisim, Pranayam, and the understanding of the modern spiritual world. Each session in our programs/courses consists of a wisdom session which impart the right fundamental understanding of the process.

We Prepare your Body to Meditate

We believe that in this modern lifestyle one needs constant cleansing of mind and body through different practices. Therefore our meditation techniques are scientifically designed to first cleanse the body and mind to prepare oneself to experience a meditative state.

We Guide you through each step

We guide the participants through each step of the technique with proper explanation, then with the help of music and instructions we take you deeper into your beings.

Youtube Video Heading

Wherever you may be – at work, home, or travelling, these meditation videos are an easy way to both take a break and find calmness amidst the chaos – an opportunity to relax the body and the mind at the same time.



I am short of words to pen down my ecstatic and blissful experience as being part of Enlightened circle's online workshops and sessions. The Eternal peace in which one dives into after practicing the guided meditation techniques is beyond this world experience. If you are looking for adding blissfulness, gratification,light-heartedness and contentedness into your life,you must grab the opportunity to be a part of Enlightened circle. Their volunteers will give you a home like ease to ma

Vaishali Anand


I feel very grateful to be a part of the Enlightened Circle family. My life has completely transformed after attending the offline and online sessions here, it has truly been a blessing to me. I have learned new depths of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom that help me in my day-to-day life.. Thank you so much for your love, support, and mentorship.

Simrita Bedi

Director - Value Creatives

Just one word ....Awesome.... It's really life changing experience... It has changed our life for good and shown us right path to pursue our life purpose... Now it's like another family ..

Sameesh Nayyar

IT Professional

"I have found my home here. I have found true togetherness with this family and the also joy of being alone. Enlightened circle has added wisdom, creativity, meditation so naturally into my being that I feel the strength to embrace whatever life brings my way and the sensitivity to enjoy the little things in life."

Deepali Agnihotri

Dental Surgery | Public Health

"Meditation has been an integral part of my daily work life for over two years. It's hard to express just how significantly it has impacted my life, now I am able to focus, ride through stressful periods with ease, have far greater control and awareness of my emotions and have deeper relationships with those around me and EC family."

Nakul Yadav

Operation Head (Aura Interiorz)

“There are a lot of things you still have to explore and understand about self and being. I have gained an enriching experience about life and live joyfully.”



"An amazing journey with Enlightened Circle. It is a place I Call home as I find myself everyday here cannot be expressed in words how beautiful it is to discover your true self."

Anita Gopinath

Business Consultant New Times Group

“Simple methods each of us can employ to learn and experience meditation and connect with our inner self and do so in a happy light hearted manner in this blissful environment”.

Mr. Goonmeet Chauhan

Accomplished architect by profession.