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Foundation Program

Enlightened Circle / Foundation Program

The Foundation Program

By Enlightened Circle

From Survival To Celebration

Hindi & English Hinglish

Interactive Sessions



Master The Art Of A Contented Life which No Society, School Or University Ever Taught Us.


Breakthrough from life

Breakthrough from life sucking habits to life enriching experiences

You learn to Let Go of unnecessary baggage and lead a balanced life.

Gain clarity in life

Gain clarity in life and Know how to Make the Right decisions at the right time

You understand how Your mind works, and are better equipped to handle whatever life throws at YOU.

Personal growth and happiness

Live a perpetually happy, and contented life

You participate in the 8 sessions filled with profound, pratical wisdom to remove impediments from your journey of personal growth and happiness.

Unlock your hidden potential

Unlock your hidden potential

Channelise your life energy with effective tools and meditation techniques and gain access to hidden gems within you that help you to lead your life towards greatness.

Become the master of your life

Become the master of your life

Get ready for the right understanding and experience to Design your life the way you want.

Meditation practice for beginners

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    How Will You Be Transformed?

    You will gain a paradigm shift from a Mundane to a Meaningful life

    You will develop a capacity to question, and break free from past baggage and conditioning.

    You will be able to lead a solution oriented life.

    You will learn the impact of suppressed emotions on your physical and psychological well being

    You will learn to strike a balance between head and heart to rejoice in life.

    You will master the art of expression and communication.

    You will be able to identify and remove toxic relationships and cultivate love for self and others.

    You will come face to face with the scarcity attitude that prevents you from living life to the fullest.

    You will be able to live the real essence of life and inculcate Meditation in your daily routine.

    What They Say About Us?

    You Deserve To Have Every Aspect Of Life-Personal, Professional, And Spiritual – Be Exactly The Way You Want It.

    How Does This Transformation Workshop Work?

    To Transform a Human Life, three levels need to be worked upon -
    Psychological, Physical and Spiritual. We have designed a program which touches all these aspects of your
    life to really change the way you THINK about Yourself and Your Life.

    8 Live Interactive Sessions

    The program has 8 live interactive sessions so that none of Your questions remain unanswered.

    8 Secrets That Change You Forever

    1 secret and its deeper layers are revealed in each session which will transform your inner being and will remain with you for the rest of your life.

    It's YOUR Case Study

    The program is structured in a way that you are given individual attention and you are equipped with the right understanding to introspect, contemplate and implement the right solutions to your challenging life problems.

    Delivery Methods Designed To Make An Impact

    The delivery method is engaging and participatory, so that the message goes deeper into your subconscious and is not superficial unpratical knowledge that you read online which clutters your mind.

    Solutions that work - Definitely!

    The solutions are scientific, practical and applicable, so that you go through an instantaneous transformation.

    Still Not Convinced?

    Spiritual Wanderers

    Get answers to the quintessential questions of LIFE. Not just understand the Universal Laws, learn to implement them and dive deep into the meditativeness within. Start walking on the pathless path.


    Whether you are beginning your career or are at a high level. You will receive the right understanding, tools and acceleration to design your life winning formula.

    Home Makers

    Learn the art to create a nurturing environment for yourself and others. With this program you liberate yourself of energy draining bondages. You will understand patience, appreciation and assertiveness in a whole new light.

    Curators and Artists

    Invigorate the inner artist, tap into universal creative energy, get inspired and channelize it into beautifying your life.

    Retired, accomplished, arrived

    Figure out what’s next, decode the ultimate purpose of a human life. Satisfy the missing feeling within. And begin your journey towards the ultimate solution.


    Learn the art to create a nurturing environment for yourself and others. With this program you liberate yourself of energy draining bondages. You will understand patience, appreciation and assertiveness in a whole new light.

    Key Takeaways

    8 Super Transformative Interactive Sessions

    Re Engineer Your Perspective Towards Life With The ``Diamond Sutra``

    1 one-on-one Online Session with Enlightened Circle’s Mentor

    Eligibility For Higher Level EC Programs To Imbibe Spiritual Sutras (The MahakriyaTM, Urdhvagaman)

    Eligibility For ``Embracing Life Festival`` To Celebrate With Enlightened Circle Family

    1 Powerful Meditation Technique That Will Help You Experience Your True State Of Happiness With Instant Results.

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    Are These Sessions Recorded Or Live?

    These are live interactive participation oriented sessions. We share life situations and implement the learning there and then to experience the change.

    Is the amount refundable?

    Yes, after attending the program if you feel there is no transformation. Just reach us and we will refund your money.

    What will happen if I miss a session?

    We understand that life can come up with unexpected situations. Before the next session, You will have to repeat the missed session through a recorded video. Or else join the next series to complete your journey. Repetition of a recorded session is not recommended and is done only under dire circumstances.

    Who should attend and What is the right age to attend Foundation?

    Anyone looking to become a Master of their life. Age group from 14 yrs to 65 yrs. Whether you are a student, working professional/business person, homemaker, artist or retired - Enlightened Circle has something for all.

    What would be the next step after I complete the Foundation Program?

    Glad you asked, you become eligible to participate in the Intermediate Program - All there is to know and understand about a Spiritual lifestyle. This program talks about Spirituality, its origin, Meditation, What it is, and How we can practice it. After intermediate your consistent practice of meditation and continuous walking on a Spiritual path prepares you to embrace the Secret Sutras. Which are then bestowed upon selected few in due time.

    If I still have questions, whom do I reach out to?

    We would be glad to answer all your queries. Please write to us at [email protected] or simply call + 91-9667792070/71

    Is Enlightened circle a NGO or Non-Profit?

    No, we are a self-sustaining primarily volunteer run organization. We take help from our IT partners to develop and take care of the website, run Advertisement on social media and content development.


    The Enlightened Circle is a World in itself. It is a journey with a family - that walks together with love, joy, meditation and wisdom towards the ultimate, highest purpose of human life.

    We are a community of like-minded people tirelessly working towards transforming the current lifestyle into a celebrative, and meditative experience. By means of online and onlocation programs we help individuals design a life of their dreams, remove hurdles from their spiritual journey and guide them to walk on the path of self-realization. Our programs consist of life transforming wisdom, impactful tools, meditation techniques, music, and creative activities.

    As the world faces challenges and upheaval, we invite you to walk with us on this life-enriching journey, where everyone is welcomed, honored, and included.

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    I am short of words to pen down my ecstatic and blissful experience as being part of Enlightened circle's online workshops and sessions. The Eternal peace in which one dives into after practicing the guided meditation techniques is beyond this world experience. If you are looking for adding blissfulness, gratification,light-heartedness and contentedness into your life,you must grab the opportunity to be a part of Enlightened circle. Their volunteers will give you a home like ease to ma

    Vaishali Anand


    I feel very grateful to be a part of the Enlightened Circle family. My life has completely transformed after attending the offline and online sessions here, it has truly been a blessing to me. I have learned new depths of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom that help me in my day-to-day life.. Thank you so much for your love, support, and mentorship.

    Simrita Bedi

    Director - Value Creatives

    Just one word ....Awesome.... It's really life changing experience... It has changed our life for good and shown us right path to pursue our life purpose... Now it's like another family ..

    Sameesh Nayyar

    IT Professional

    "I have found my home here. I have found true togetherness with this family and the also joy of being alone. Enlightened circle has added wisdom, creativity, meditation so naturally into my being that I feel the strength to embrace whatever life brings my way and the sensitivity to enjoy the little things in life."

    Deepali Agnihotri

    Dental Surgery | Public Health

    "Meditation has been an integral part of my daily work life for over two years. It's hard to express just how significantly it has impacted my life, now I am able to focus, ride through stressful periods with ease, have far greater control and awareness of my emotions and have deeper relationships with those around me and EC family."

    Nakul Yadav

    Operation Head (Aura Interiorz)

    “There are a lot of things you still have to explore and understand about self and being. I have gained an enriching experience about life and live joyfully.”



    "An amazing journey with Enlightened Circle. It is a place I Call home as I find myself everyday here cannot be expressed in words how beautiful it is to discover your true self."

    Anita Gopinath

    Business Consultant New Times Group

    “Simple methods each of us can employ to learn and experience meditation and connect with our inner self and do so in a happy light hearted manner in this blissful environment”.

    Mr. Goonmeet Chauhan

    Accomplished architect by profession.