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Meditation and Emotional Healing

No one is devoid of emotions. Every moment, we carry multiple emotions within ourselves, both negative and positive.

Sometimes they are very subtle in nature which often go unnoticed. But we feel the trouble when we are overwhelmed with one or more emotions, which leads us to make faulty decisions, every single time. For instance, overwhelming anger, jealousy or hatred can make us cause harm to others or even ourselves.

It would be wrong to think that time heals the emotional wounds. More often than not, we try to control our emotions. With time, we may forget some wounds, temporarily. But to forget is not to heal.

No matter how well intentioned we are when we try to forget but, in actual, we collect these wounds unconsciously, and create energy blockages for ourselves or even diseases at the physical body level by suppressing our emotions. This is achieved by resisting, ignoring or by doing some other activities to create a distraction. All these are ways of escaping.

The only way to heal emotionally is to encounter it, accept it, express it and be aware of it. And these are all direct benefits of Meditation. Instead of being guilty or embarrassed, accept your emotions and let them flow. Resistance creates stress. Do not resist, do not judge yourself. If you are overwhelmed, just be totally present and live that emotion fully.

But do that in aloneness. Whenever possible, just be alone in a room and express in whatever way possible. Release the pent up anger, sadness, hatred, frustration and all that comes to you at that moment. Let the emotions flow in tears, allow your body to express it.

Most of our activities our partial. Our joys and sorrows are also partial. We are never fully present in whatever activity we do and hence we always live in a feeling of discontent. It is only, by being fully aware of an act that we can transform the energy into something positive and beautiful. So live the emotion completely, without any distraction. It is ok to be overwhelmed with emotions but not ok to suppress it.

With constant meditation practice, you learn awareness and mindfulness. Meditation is all about self awareness and self transformation.

There are powerful techniques, like catharsis, that removes the suppressed emotions, leading to a state of pure silence and bliss.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is not. There is no way you can avoid pain, but you certainly can choose not to suffer because of it. Heal yourself… Choose meditation!

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Anita Gopinath

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