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About the Workshop

A ten-session, live, interactive course by Enlightened Circle where you learn the Art to Live a blissful life. Enlightened Circle offers revolutionary formulas and powerful techniques, which when incorporated in today’s fast paced regime can drastically enhance quality of life. 

Our program is a life winning formula where every sutra leads to another, and every understanding acts as a rung of a ladder to a fulfilled and happy life. We provide a light-hearted environment wherein we sing, laugh, sway, and rejoice in the marvels of life. 

This is a lifetime opportunity, it will transform you as a person and change your life for the better. Come experience this paradigm shift from mundane to a meaningful life.

So come, make this small investment of your time in the right direction of life and look at life from a whole new lens. You will be surprised that life could be so multi-dimensional.  Come relish this recipe for a happy life, and let’s begin by un complicating our lives. 

Key takeaways

  • Learn the Art to make your life more blissful.
  • Secret life sutras, that will completely transform you inside-out.
  • Impactful Meditation techniques designed for New-ager.
  • Overcome fears and dilemmas.
  • Feel self-confident and powered to handle all life situations.
  • Harness your true potential of life. 
  • Ability to be free from past and rebuild something new for yourself in work or relationships.
  • Better equipped to handle unfavorable circumstances or events.
  • Overcoming negative habits. 
  • Power to create results in all area of your life.


A Life guide and a spiritual master to many since 20 years. Your life will be transformed in HIS magnificent presence.

Live 10 session Program on ZOOM.

Language: Hinglish

Upcoming Program Dates: April 23,24,25,27,29 | May 2,4,6,8 and 9,2021

Timings: Weekdays 7-9:30 PM | Weekend 11am – 1:30 pm

Registration Fees: INR 10,000 per person (including all taxes)
*Please Note: After attending 10 sessions if you feel that it was not worth the money, you can ask for 100% refund.

Join the free introduction session on the Foundation Program.


    Business Owner
    Initially I was skeptical about the workshop. In my mind, I was thinking that I already knew all these things. But session by session & most importantly after the last exercise, when I again saw everything & everyone around me, I had a completely new perspective. This time, the mentor and everyone around me was a different person. I guess this last exercise has completely smashed my ego, and in reality, I am the One who is New or Changed. I don't know if I would be able to implement all this wisdom. I mean I would definitely try to implement all of this, but as a reminder, I would attend the upcoming sessions so that I can implement the remaining. I think its a beautiful course. A big thank you to friend, who introduced to this workshop. And I would motivate others also to attend these sessions too. Thank You.
    Fashion Designer
    I have been very caring towards the animal. Though I am an animal lover, but I could not understand that humans too have pain in different ways that they are not showing, that I am also not able to see. So this program has given me an eye to see people. I would definitely try to understand people now, I feel i’m a totally different person now. I did something very unusual last night too. I said sorry to someone. I confessed my feelings to somebody. So yes, I was a different person before the program and a completely different human after the program. This program is really, really powerful. It has given me new birth; new wisdom; new thoughts; and an understanding of how to live life from now onwards. I won't say just thank you because I want to say so many Thank You to my friend. I am here just because of you. You had been trying for years, but I could come this time. I feel that there are people in my life who should attend this program. I feel that they are having struggles and struggles in their life. They should do this so that they could also have clarity of thoughts. I would share it with them so that they could come and become a new person.
    I will start with the realization. This course has made me realize a lot of things. I realized that life is really short. And if we don't change ourselves or implement the wisdom we learned here, then there will be only regrets in our life at the end. It has really tapped my heart. I have already started living by the wisdom I gained here. Last month, knowingly or unknowingly, I hurt a friend. He was pretty close to me, and I knew that the whole incident affected him deeply. Though I tried to mend things right then, it did not work, and after some time, I just stopped caring and moved on. But last night, after the session, I called him again. And this time to my surprise, things went smoothly, and we had a heart-to-heart discussion. And It worked out. We even agreed on having lunch together. I am telling you it was effortless this time. It just came out of my heart. I have a list of things that I am going to implement. I will definitely start working on them one by one. This is a practical program and is quite impactful, I would admit. I kind of already knew all this, but the presentation made all the difference. The Mentor has done a fantastic job in delivering the content. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I would like my friends to attend this program so that they could get benefitted too. Thank You So Much.
    School Owner
    First of all, Thank You, Mentor. The last two days have been amazing. I used to set my goals in the past, too, and there were specific goals I could not reach. And now I know why. After attending these sessions, I realized that my brain's gear is working fine, but the lubrication was missing. Now I feel that it has been fixed.Life will be much smoother from now on. I had a face to face encounter with my personality, and I was able to understand that I am the only one responsible for my life. I realized that not everything is the world's fault. Thank you for giving me the handy meditation techniques to practice whenever I need them. So I am really hoping to use them daily. The session was really impactful. I also made some new friends here. Thank You.
    IT Professional
    After attending these sessions, I have realized what was missing from my life. I will tell you what was missing- that constant flow of love and warmth. And where would that come from- family beyond family. So, in short, I have found my family beyond family with you people. Now I am one of you. I have attended other programs as well. And I must say the manner Mentor has conducted the session is commendable. Some speakers will scold you, and others will just lecture you, but the most impactful style that one can actually have is by conducting such sessions amid laughter and joy- and that is what mentor has done. And that is why this was the most impactful session I have attended. Thank You so much.
    This program has shaken me from within. The essential thing we forget is expressing in front of our family members how much we love them. This is the thing that I am taking along, and I hope I will be able to incorporate all other wisdom sutras in my life. I am a new being now. Thank You.
    I don't remember when I cried the last time. You know I always thought that I was a strong guy and I can't cry. But I cried today. And now I feel that I should go home in this state and hug my mother and father. I even feel that I would hug my friends too because these people give you something so precious that you can't even buy with money. I hope that this world, too, transforms as we are transforming today. I would love to see people embrace their emotions again. Thank You.
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