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Mental health

10 Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

Mental health refers to our overall psychological and emotional wellbeing. It is directly related to how we feel, think, perceive, and behave when we are with people as well as when we are alone. According to a report published recently, 50% people will experience the mental health illness or disorder at some point in time. Moreover, if left untreated or unattended, mental illness can seriously affect our social interactions, relationships, development, and other important aspects of our life. Therefore, it is quite necessary to talk about this issue and spread awareness among people of all ages.

Today, let’s discuss 10 things that you can do for your mental health.

1. Meditation

Meditation is the ultimate solution for problems related to mental health. It is proven by hundreds of researches that it is the best remedy for chronic stress, anxiety, trauma, abuse, addiction, and other such problems. Meditation is proven to increase the gray matter density in the pre-frontal and frontal regions of the brain. It is also known to increase the thickness of anterior insula and cortical regions which is directly related to decision making, cognitive behaviors, focus and awareness.

Moreover, a regular practice of meditation also calms down the sympathetic nervous system which can ultimately proves beneficial in dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. But the most important thing to remember here is that it is not a magic pill. Meditation is a practice. You will have to devote some time to this practice every day before you can see the results. Also, to know about the best meditation practice for mental health, please read till end.

2. Diet and Exercise

So, most of us must be familiar with the saying that we are what we eat. It stands true when it comes to mental health. A sustainable and nutrient rich diet along with a few minutes of physical movement can really prove magical for the mental health. On one hand, diet will support the optimum functioning of brain and exercise will help in reducing stress, anxiety, tension and enhance mood through release of endorphins.

3. Do what you love

As we grow older, we stop doing things just for fun or out of love. We get so busy with our aspirations that we forget the actual fulfillment or satisfaction comes from the things/ hobbies which are done for non- monitory purpose. Therefore, it is advised to rediscover and add the hobbies in our day-to-day life if we want to live a happy life and contented life.

4. Celebratory Attitude

Make celebration an attitude. Don’t wait for a date or festival to sing and dance. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that when we talk about the singing and dancing, we are not talking about some performance. We are talking about doing this for the self. Don’t believe us?  Next time you feel moody or sad or irritated just put on some music you like you will instantly feel the change in your energy.

5. Limit social media

 According to a recent study, overuse of social media is not only increasing our stress but also killing our creativity. It is now proven that it has a negative impact on our mental health. Therefore, it has become a necessity to limit the use of social media. Doing this, will also help you improve you sleep, focus and cognitive thinking.

6. Yoga

Yoga is another trusted and tried method to improve mental health. Studies show that it reduces the stress causing hormones and increases chemical called gamma-amino butyric acid ultimately elevating the mood.

7. Prayer and Gratitude: –

Gratitude is the thankfulness for what we have received and thankfulness for what we haven’t received. Incorporating prayer and Gratitude may not be directly related to elevating depression or stress but they can change our outlook towards the life, problems, challenges, and blessings. They can feel you more positive and resilient in the moments of pain and challenge.

8. Enjoying Togetherness:

Spending time with our loved ones, be it friends or family, can work wonders for mental health. Most of the mental illnesses are the by-product of overthinking and stress over things which won’t even matter after some time. Spending some time with friends and family gives you much required break and a new perspective to look at things. So, spend times with your near and dear ones whenever it is possible for you.

9. Talk to someone

It is said to be one of the most therapeutic things for someone who is suffering from mental trauma of some kind. Sometimes just talking to someone can prove to be release of emotions of trauma that we were holding within. So, find someone who you could trust completely and pour out your feelings and thoughts. It may help you feel calm and normal again.

10. Healing

If you are suffering from mental trauma, healing can prove helpful. There are various forms of healing like Chakra healing, Reiki. Find a way of healing that works best for you. It could be simple walk also. But find something that can give you sense of comfort and calmness in the moments of most turbulence.

These were a few tips to improve your mental health. Now for the people who wants to know about the best meditation for mental health the answer is that it varies from person to person. What works best for me may not work for you at all. So, the best way to find the best meditation for mental health is to try and test. There are like hundreds of meditation techniques available. Practice and find out which suits you best. A few meditations we must recommend are Active meditation techniques.

Hope the tips were helpful for you.

Thank You


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