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Types of meditation

5 Types of Meditation:- Which One is Right for You?

Meditating regularly can benefit us in more ways than we can count. It is proven by various scientific researches that it can cure depression, anxiety, stress,and improve memory and concentration. It is also quite helpful in treating insomnia, heart problems, anger issues, mood swings, indecisiveness, and mental trauma from past incidents. On the other hand Meditation can also fill your being with compassion, gratitude, prayer, love, and acceptance.

Types of Meditation:-

Today, let’s talk about the most powerful meditation types, what type is best for you and the best Online Meditation Course in India.

Before moving forward, let me make clear that when we are saying meditation types we are actually referring to meditation technique types. Because meditation is a state of utter silence. But yes, there are many ways to achieve that state and we refer to them as meditation techniques.

Mantra Meditation:-

Mantra is essentially a word or line that if chanted repeatedly becomes a Mantra. There are many such sounds famous in Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic spiritual teachings. You can repeat this Mantra Loudly or quietly in your mind.

This technique is so powerful that the practitioner instantly forgets everything else and becomes solely focused on one Mantra only.

This technique works for everyone. The only condition is to practice it on an empty stomach. It would be suggested to practice it in the morning because it fills the meditator with lots of energy and awareness. Practicing it at night may interfere with the sleeping schedule.

Healing Techniques:-

It often happens that stress or some traumatic incident from the past starts manifesting itself through various physical and mental diseases. In such cases Healing techniques work wonders. For example Chakra Healing.

It is aimed to clean and heal our energy. The feeling after such technique is as if one’s soul has taken a bath.

Moreover, this technique is 100% effective and recommended for everyone.

Mindfulness Meditation Technique:-

You can perform this technique anywhere anytime. It will instantly bring you to the present movement. All you have to do is to remain fully aware of your senses, or surroundings, or movement or all.

For instance, notice if there is any smell, sound or taste in your mouth. Or dance gracefully to soft music, or walk across the room, or make any other movement but with awareness. Whatever you do, do it with awareness.

This is quite helpful in getting rid of mood swings or incessant thoughts. It will also improve your awareness and hence will lessen impulsive and erratic decisions and actions.

Visualization Meditation Technique:-

As the name suggests, this technique involves visualization. You can visualize that you are getting healed, or you are a ball of light, or anything else. But never doubt your imagination. For the visualization techniques to work you must believe what you are imagining.

This type of technique can be used in healing and increasing awareness.

Breath Meditation Technique:-

This technique is the most famous meditation technique, perhaps because of the ever availability of the breath. It has been used for centuries across various spiritual sects.

Just sit in a comfortable position and notice your incoming and outgoing breath. Keep watching your breaths and the pause in between. In some breath related meditation techniques we can add any mantra to the incoming and outgoing breath or we can control and manipulate the pace of breath.

This type of meditation immediately transfers you to the present moment and instills you with peace, awareness, and silence. You can practice Breath Meditations before sleeping as well as they tend to relax you and improve sleep quality.

Which One is Right for You:-

Only you can answer this question. What are your problems and what do you want to achieve at a particular moment? If you are suffering from insomnia, you should go for breath meditation. If you are looking forward to healing you, then healing techniques will come handy. If you want to practice mindfulness living then, mindfulness meditation is the best. If the goal is to stay alert and energetic throughout the day then Mantra meditation would help.

Therefore there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to deciding the right meditation techniques. Infact, every technique is right, you just have to pick one on the basis of need, mood, and time.

Enlightened Circle conducts the best Online Meditation Course in India that will help in understanding the science behind every technique and how they work. Dhyan Yog is the most comprehensive course on everything related to meditation. Make sure to register for this program in order to unlock your full potential.

Anita Gopinath

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