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Advice from Enlightened Circle: New Year Resolution

One thing we all can agree on is that we love to make resolutions. It helps give us another chance for change.

Everyone is entering into the new Year 2023 with renewed hopes. People all around the world are wishing for this year to be special and unique. But, only if we can find a few moments to contemplate and question that “why would this year be any different from the rest of the years?” “Could a few resolutions really change our life the way we want it to be?” “How many of our resolutions were completed by us in the previous years?”

A rational human being won’t take long to find that there is something very wrong with this tradition of resolutions on New Year’s eve. Resolutions can change one or two habits. But what is truly required to transform your life is to change the self.

That’s why the Enlightened circle’s advice for the new year is if the person walking into the new year is “NEW” then it is absolutely something to celebrate. However, if the person is still the “OLD” we need to change the person not just a few habits.

Therefore, we advise you to start a religious meditation practice. And meditating even for 10 minutes every day can transform your life.

Here are a few meditation tips for those who are ready to work on the entire self instead of just a few habits:

Meditation tip 1:

 Pick a guided meditation technique and make sure you do it just before you sleep. Once the technique is complete, please go to sleep and do not do any other activity . Watch the quality of your sleep improve and yourself getting healthier physically and psychologically.

Meditation tip 2:

Add gratitude to your life. Just be grateful for what you have and for mostly what you do not have. Sooner you will see life giving you more moments to be grateful.

Meditation tip 3:

Paint or listen to a piece of music or if you like. Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. Do it for your sake. Painting, Singing and dancing are not supposed to be performances but an act to express yourself. Or, if some days you are not feeling like either of these, just spot jog for 5 min and sit in silence whenever you get 10 min in the day.

Now you may be thinking that why should you add Meditation practice to your life ? All saints that have walked the earth and continue to walk have prescribed this as the only True miraculous medicine that helps transform in a true sense. Everything else is temporary and works on the surface only while the actual work needs to be done on the core

Also, it hardly takes 30 to 60 minutes every day. If you find a platform that imparts this beautiful true miraculous medicine of meditation, then do not waste any more time. Quickly register for the online meditation programs according to your need and meditation practice and experience it yourself. Else we will lose more precious time and the OLD you will get OLDER carrying more past baggage. Let’s begin the work on our innermost self instead of just distracting ourselves with small small problems

Thank You