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The art of happiness

The Art of Happiness: Learn to love yourself with meditation

Call it our conditioning or something else, but our whole lives we try to find our happiness outside. We try our best so that people around us would appreciate us and love us. While it seems normal to seek that outer validation, we must remember that we can’t control life situations and other people. Someone who loves us and appreciates us today may not feel the same tomorrow. 

Therefore, the best gift one can give to oneself is the art of happiness. It is the gift of learning to love oneself. And the best and most effective way to learn self love is through meditation. 

Meditation fills us with gratitude. It paves the path for forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. But most importantly it cultivates self love in the practitioner. Because we can’t forgive and accept others without first forgiving and accepting who we are. We can’t feel compassion towards others if we can’t feel it for ourselves and we can’t feel truly grateful if we are not grateful for our existence and everything. 

Therefore it is through meditation that for the first time we embark on the journey of loving ourselves. We embark on the journey that leads us to true happiness. 

Let’s dive a little deeper and understand how meditation can help us to love ourselves. Also if you want to know the Best Meditation Center in Delhi and Best Meditation for Mental Health, please read till the end. 

How meditation cultivates Self Love

In meditation we learn to sit with ourselves. We detach ourselves from the outer world and take a U turn where there is no competition, no hurry, no judgment.  There for the first time we accept ourselves as we are beyond the concept of right and wrong, superior and inferior. And in that moment we learn to love ourselves.

It is in meditation that we realize that the company we deserve the most is our own company. And once we start enjoying our own company we will never have to be alone again. The moments lived in one’s own presence are the happiest moments.

Therefore, Introduce meditation practice in your life. Make it a promise that you will meditate at least for 15-20 minutes everyday. 

If you are a beginner you can start with a meditation technique. For beginners we have curated short guided meditation techniques at Enlightened Circle Youtube so that the instructions in the soothing voice can make it easy for everyone to meditate. 

Best Meditation Center In Delhi

Enlightened Circle is the best meditation center in Delhi which offers programs for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. These programs not only help you understand your own psychology but also help you rediscover self love, compassion, and gratitude that already exists within you. Enlightened Circle takes you on a transformative journey through self discovery, relaxation and healing. If you also want to learn about best meditation for mental health, various healing techniques and other secrets of meditation and the spiritual world then do check our programs

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Anita Gopinath

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