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The art of happiness

The Art of Happiness: Learn to love yourself with meditation

Call it our conditioning or something else, but our whole lives we try to find our happiness outside. We try our best so that people around us would appreciate us and love us. While it seems normal to seek that outer validation, we must remember that we can't control life situations and other people. Someone who loves us and appreciates us today may not feel the same tomorrow. Therefore, the best gift one can give to oneself is the art of happiness. It is the gift of learning to love oneself. And the best and most effective way to learn self love is through meditation. Meditation fills us with gratitude. It paves the path for forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. But most importantly it cultivates self love in...

Types of meditation

5 Types of Meditation:- Which One is Right for You?

Meditating regularly can benefit us in more ways than we can count. It is proven by various scientific researches that it can cure depression, anxiety, stress,and improve memory and concentration. It is also quite helpful in treating insomnia, heart problems, anger issues, mood swings, indecisiveness, and mental trauma from past incidents. On the other hand Meditation can also fill your being with compassion, gratitude, prayer, love, and acceptance. Types of Meditation:- Today, let's talk about the most powerful meditation types, what type is best for you and the best Online Meditation Course in India.Before moving forward, let me make clear that when we are saying meditation types we are actually referring to meditation technique types. Because meditation is a state of utter silence. But yes, there are...

How to make meditation a part of your life?

How to make meditation a part of your life?

Here at our Meditation center in Delhi we have noticed that to have a rewarding meditation practice it is almost necessary to make it a part of your daily life. But it is not easy to take out time for it, since your lives are structured to always look for answers, peace and pleasure in the outside world with your eyes wide open.Meditation calls for looking for answers within by letting the water of thoughts, emotions, and projections settle for the right way forward to emerge by itself. It  is an arduous and very boring act to sit with your eyes closed doing nothing. But as you practice it you realize that it is the easiest and is what you have been trying to achieve through various...