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Spiritual meditation

What is Spiritual Meditation: Experience the Power of Human Spirit Now

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, we now have proof that meditation can benefit us in various ways. We can now prove that it is great for our nervous system. A regular practice of meditation is proven to strengthen the areas of the brain responsible for concentration, awareness, decision making, memory and cognitive abilities. It can also reduce stress ultimately helping people suffering with anxiety and depression. Meditating at least for 10-15 minutes is also proven to be beneficial for the heart and digestive system. 

However there are some benefits of meditation which can’t be proved by science and technology. For instance, spiritual growth and spiritual awakening. But just because we can’t prove it does not mean it does not exist. Infact, meditation’s ultimate purpose has always been self realization. And that’s the reason we find in various religious texts that great importance was given to meditation on the path of self realization. 

Therefore, today we will talk about spiritual meditation and how you can experience the power of the human spirit. 

Spiritual Meditation:-

There are hundreds of techniques that you can practice for spiritual growth. One important thing to understand here is that there is no right or wrong technique. Technique in itself is a tool. You can use it to achieve a state where meditation happens.

Therefore it is your choice if you want to do techniques related to breath, or chakras or third eye or some other technique. But make sure to sit still after the technique is finished. This is the time where meditation happens. 

Another very important point to remember here is that there are definitely some techniques which are more powerful and effective than others. In Fact some techniques are so powerful that it is advised to practice them under the proper guidance of a mentor. 

Enlightened Circle conducts Spiritual Awakening Programs designed for beginners as well as people who have been practicing meditation for some time now. These are specially designed to give the participants the taste of spiritual meditation under the right guidance. In fact one of the programs named ‘Dhyan Yog program’ is curated to impart the scientific understanding behind various modern and ancient techniques. In this particular program you will learn about the origins of techniques, their importance, benefits, nuances etc. It is the master key to unlock the infinite potential we each have within us. So if you are also looking for spiritual programs in Delhi make sure to check various programs conducted by Enlightened Circle.

Ultimate Purpose of Meditation:- Spiritual Awakening

We should steer clear of setting any goals when we start our spiritual journey. It is a process we should walk with trust and gratitude. But it is also true that it is the only path that will give you the ultimate gift of self realization. There is no bigger truth to be realized than the truth of our own identity. 

Once we have realized the truth, it becomes our nature to live in the present moment. It is the state where one realizes that he is a part of the divine. He is not this physical body, not his personality or name given by the family, nor is he his desires. He is the same energy or let’s say life that is manifesting itself in myriad forms. 

Benefits of Spiritual Meditation

As we already said that the ultimate purpose of meditation is self realization. There is no bigger truth than self realization that can totally transform the human. But there are some other benefits also that you will notice as your journey progresses. And a few of those benefits are:- 

  1. Your consciousness will expand. As a result you will remain more alert and aware effortlessly.
  2. Only after starting meditation, for the first time will you experience true inner peace. Before we embark on the journey of self realization we are all living in a dream-like state which is full of chaos. But once we start meditating regularly we will experience true silence and stillness.
  3. It will also help you in overcoming any trauma or suppressed emotions. The energy which is suppressed over a long time period usually starts manifesting itself in various physiological and psychological ailments. What meditation does is channelize that energy. Therefore, people who meditate regularly are more emotionally and physically healthy.

Meditation has various other health benefits. If you want to read about all the benefits of meditation, make sure to read Enlightened Circle’s article on various health benefits of meditation.

But if you really want to experience all the health benefits then make sure to join the spiritual awakening program Conducted by Enlightened Circle. Programs conducted online as well as offline by Enlightened Circle are the best spiritual programs in Delhi. 

Thank You.



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